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Let’s cut to the chase!

Yvette is a native Washingtonian and she started her artistic journey as early as childhood. Like, you know when you’re destined to do something “great” no matter what, and you know this at a young age.  Fast forward to her young adult life, she was so over the corporate b.s. that she decided to “jump”, half opened parachute and all, fully believing in her artistic ability.  Here’s the cliffhanger, she quit her gig, taught herself to paint and later in 2009 opened “4 Art Thou FloeticPaint Studio and Gallery” in Washington, D.C. The gallery served as a showcase for her original artwork on wood and her atelier. In 2011 TSION ROCKS Jewelry was born.


Yvette personifies the humble queen spirit; she’s a giver, but don’t get it twisted, be warned, she will slay the dragon. Her vibes are as cool as the breeze on an autumn day. Her wit is unmatched, yea, no…don’t even think about it (you’ll lose). Her talent, absofcukinglutely off the Richter scale! This art maven exhibits a Hustler, Trendsetter, Go-Getter, Grind it Out persona. Her work, without question, speaks for itself and is recognized globally.  I don’t care where you are in the world, you’ll recognize her signature style.


Here’s why (you don’t have to take my word for it), Yvette has been in the game for years and has the bragging rights to prove it; though she believes flaunting is best left for the birds. *fingers tapping desk*  Listen Linda, this list is about to be, how do I say it, fanfcukingtastic, but not exhaustive (you can’t get all the tea). So, you already know that her work appeared on the runways of the infamous New York Fashion Week (NYFW) - like five times, but who’s counting!  It all started with the creation of NYFW illustrations for Russell Simmons. Who knew, right! Then one thing led to another, and she garnered an invitation to showcase her talents on the runway.  Hun, she brought the FiiiiYaaaah, accompanied by all the colors of the flame, you hear me?!  Wait for it, each and every show featuring her custom-made, one-of-a-kind TSION ROCKS jewelry collection and fashion forward garments was sold out, standing room only. 


Her wearable art, in several forms, has adorned the likes of Michelle, Sasha and Malia Obama, Lupita Nyong’o, and Kanye West, T.I., several NBA & NFL players. Her jewelry was also worn by the stars of the Sundance Film Festival Movie Premieres with HBO & BET.  Her paintings have adorned the spaces of Ava DuVernay, and many celebrities. She was commissioned several times by BET to create exclusive Artwork for the BET Honors. Her artwork dons not 1 but 2 album covers for Grammy nominated artist Raheem DeVaughn. The Kardashians are also included in this exclusive group of artwork.  O honey, Yvette was the fashion horoscope illustrator for ESSENCE for three consecutive years (unheard of).  Ok, if you insist, here’s a little more tea for you to sip on (be careful, it’s haute).  Yvette’s jewelry has appeared in the WASHINGTONIAN, Glamour UK, and Vanity Fair


O, you want more,  *Clears Throat*, How many New York Fashion Week Show appearances did you say?  Yes Love, Ms. Crocker has appeared 6, count them her debut was with Russell Simmons, followed by her very own TSION ROCKS Jewelry and Accessory ONLY Show.  Her name beside the likes of ANNA SUI on the CFDA Calendar for New York Fashion Week. 6 shows later she is STILL on her creative journey. Yvette absolutely refuses to limit her creativity, follow ANY rules or water herself down to comply to society’s definition of an Artist. She will continue explore every facet of her creative imagination. She is an Artist Completely.

She gathers her inspiration from African Americans, high fashion and music. As Ms. Nina Simone said “An Artist’s duty is to reflect the times” and she intends to do just that! 

Bio written by my DOPE friend
Evelyn Williams.
Thank you Ev. XXOO