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Dear Client's ,

I sincerely appreciate your interest in exploring my NEW SHOWROOM located @ 4718 14th St NW Washington, DC 20011, where creativity takes center stage. As both an Artist and Designer, my commitment to artistic expression requires me to structure shopping around my creative process. Hence, I've implemented a personalized appointment system to ensure a seamless balance between creating and providing an exceptional shopping experience.

Allow me to clarify that this space is dedicated solely to shopping, offering an exclusive one-on-one experience with me as your personal shopper, within a one-hour window. To optimize our time together and maintain punctuality, kindly note the following guidelines:

Appointments are crucial: Please schedule an appointment in advance to secure your exclusive shopping time.

Timeliness matters: A delay of more than 15 minutes will necessitate a rescheduling to respect others' scheduled appointments.

Efficient shopping: The first 30 minutes are obligation-free; after this period, a minimum purchase of $100 is required to continue browsing.

Time management: To respect everyone's schedules, kindly exit promptly at the end of the one-hour window.

For a more tailored experience, please share your preferences in advance. If there's something specific, you're looking for, this information could save you both time and money.

I am dedicated to accommodating your schedule, so please let me know your preferred time. If my availability doesn't align, I'll suggest alternative options.

Thank you for your understanding and interest in my creative space. I look forward to welcoming you soon for an unforgettable shopping experience.

Best Regards,

Yvette Crocker

Email Me @ [email protected]