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New Year New Adventure!

I've been doing custom illustrations for a few years now. However, I am very particular about the jobs I take on because although I have been painting for over 15 yrs now, illustrations don't come as natural to me as painting does. It's a lot more time consuming for me. I was the HOROSCOPE Artist for ESSENCE Magazine for 3 yrs. I was the first Horoscope Artist to work for the publication for more than 1 yr. It was an honor but contrary to popular belief, those were not illustrations (drawings). They were tiny paintings. It was a tedious task and it taught me a lot of patience and technique. So, with all of that being said, I am jumping into the new year with a new attitude. BRING IT ON! Lol I look forward to hearing from you.

Custom Illustration: $700 - $1500

I DO NOT DESIGN LOGOS! Custom Fashion Illustrations ONLY!


Call 202.286.4810 for details